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Ken and Lyn Mikell
Harpy Trails

    Ken and Lyn Mikell play a wide range of traditional music, with particular attention to the Celtic roots of cowboy music.
Using a wide range of musical instruments, Ken and Lyn animate and illuminate the music and poetry that followed the trail west.
They have been making music together for over thirty years.

    From old time trail songs to the golden era of the radio and silver screen cowboy, Ken’s rich vocals and Lyn’s beautiful harp
put a new twist on old time favorites. They have an extensive knowledge of the history of Western music and enjoy sharing it with audiences.

    They have lived in the Verde Valley of Northern Arizona, near Sedona, since 1975 and were present at the first
Arizona cowboy poetry gathering in Prescott in 1987. Since then they have been featured at gatherings all over the West.

    They are especially proud of their work with Northern Arizona University Elderhostel and Road Scholar programs.
Their work in schools and classrooms is educational and entertaining, introducing a new generation to an
important part of America’s unique cultural heritage.

    The music of the Old World found a new home at the hearths and campfires of the Old West.
Ken and Lyn are proud to be a part of that continuing tradition.

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